Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Sean Hannity did a great job last night. He posted several clips of townhall meetings around the country and concentrated on the one in Pa with Arlen Spector. A 35 year old mom took the microphone and let Specor have it. You could tell she was nervous at first, but got more courageous as the crowd kept cheering her and she did an awsome job. She finished by saying that this debate is beyond party lines, really has nothing to do with health care, but in the end its about our freedom and government takeovers. She was so real, so passionate that I thought that could be me up there or so many women around the country. Later in the program Sean had Katy Abram on his show for an interview. She told us since the you tube video of the townhall was released, she had already gotten calls on her cell phone calling her a racist. Katy was clearly upset and charged up. I was so proud of her and throughout her interview I was getting teary eyed for the great job she was doing for all of us. She's a great American. We need more like her to get out and spread the message.

Her message was so simple and clear. Hey, Mr. Spector and Mr. Obama are you getting it yet?


  1. Kudos to her! I heard her on Hannity's radio show last night... just WOW!
    "I'm 35 years old with no interest in politics... you have awakened a sleeping giant!"

  2. Hi, my post has nothing to do directly with the with subject given your background you may find it interesting and also perhaps you have advise. This week, my wife found out she it not a citizen! What a shock. It was only about 12 years ago she found out she was adopted. SHe was born in Germany and does not know who her father was. When she was to her step father(military guy) married her mother, came home to USA and adopted her. She was applying for a passport when we found out she wasn't a citizen. We always figured because she was adopted by a citizen it was not an issue. She is meeting with bureaucrat next week so we will learn somethings. PS - she has been voting as a citizen since she was old enough.